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So ensuring that your at-home footwear provides good fit and support is really important for your posture support, walking gait and ultimately to avoid leg and spine complications in the long-term. For this reason, we dedicated an entire collection specifically to the best womens slippers. This collection of women’s slippers is designed to pamper your feet, while offering them functional care and support.


The GZL wool felt clog is the signature model by popular (rightly so) German manufacturer HAFLINGER.

It comes made of natural, felted wool, a cork footbed with strong arch support that molds to the shape of your foot and a natural, light rubber outsole.

You can easily wear this slipper during a stroll around your garden or to your mailbox. The wool is not only breathable and a great insulator, it's also very easy to clean.

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WoolFit Classic Slippers

The Classic Slippers by German startup brand WoolFit can, due to the variety of it's features, be considered the brand's allrounder.

The slippers are handmade from 100% natural wool. It comes with removable footbed (also made of wool) which you can easily swap for your own insole. It has light, pre-formed arch support and a natural leather outsole. The material is breathable, soft yet sturdy and a great insulator in both summer and winter.
The German foot health and comfort experts have created a slipper that is both extremely comfortable and functional at the same time.  

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Flair Soft by HAFLINGER

Made of 100% natural wool felt and equipped with a soft, latex-coated felt outsole, this house slipper by HAFLINGER is the perfect slipper for you if you need something light and soft around the house.

The slippers have integrated anatomic-grade arch support. The upper is light and very soft, but will still keep your feet warm and toasty during winter and properly ventilated during summer thanks to the wool's unique braethability.

The Flair Soft by HAFLINGER is probably one of our best house slippers overall, so this is a piece you can't go wrong with.

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Easy-to-Wear House Slippers

When it comes to house slippers for women, we tend to prefer designs with the least fuss to put on. Mothers with young children, often need to get up to check on the kids during the night; and if you’re nursing, you spend more hours awake at night looking after your little one. For these mums, the simplest, no-fuss slippers tend to be the best option, so that immediately you hear the baby monitor go-off, you can quickly put on your slippers and go.

What works for these mums is open-heel designs, usually without any ‘lip’ at the heel; or if the slipper does have a lip, then it’s a low-rise lip that still allows for easy wearability. Mums who are nursing or have young children usually prefer a slipper without buckles or straps, because there’s usually no time (or free hand!) to fasten or tighten them when you’re so engrossed in looking after the little ones.

Ease of wearability in slippers is also really important for house-bound people, like the elderly, sick or injured. Because these groups tend to have restricted mobility, they need functional slippers that are comfortable and offer the least fuss when putting them on.
The Best Slippers range of women’s slippers has so much to offer in terms of color and design. With this collection for women, you are sure to find at least 2 or 3 designs that work well with your unique lifestyle needs.

Safe to walk in with Non-slip Sole

In our research to find out what women look for in the best slipper designs, ladies mentioned that they want a slipper that allows them to move around the house safely, as they do their chores. For most mums, this would mean taking care of the children, pets, cleaning, etc without the fear of slipping.
Women handle multiple responsibilities just to keep everything in the home clean and orderly. So in any single day, she moves from the bedroom to the bathroom, from kitchen to dining room and from the laundry room to the living-room ... and that’s just indoors.

The Best Slippers for women need to be crafted with a non-slip sole, that allows safe mobility through the house. Best Slippers range of women’s slippers all bear this non-slip characteristic. Some models are crafted with an anti-slip latex coating on the felt sole, whilst other slipper models are fitted with a rubber sole that has a non-slip profile.

What’s great about the Best Slippers models, is that those with a felt sole also tend to be low-noise and floor friendly, so you can walk through the house soundlessly—great if you want to tip-toe to the kitchen for a glass of water or night snack; or if you’re an early riser and don’t want to disturb everyone else as you go to make some coffee.

Good arch support and supportive outer sole

Our feet bear the weight of our bodies, with the arches of our feet responsible for absorbing the impact as we walk all day long. So ensuring that your footwear provides good arch support is very important for posture, as well as to avoid leg and spine complications in the long-term.

The Best Slippers for women should be crafted with good insole support, possibly with the option of a removable insoleRemovable insoles are great because if you have fallen arches or high arches, then all you need to do is get the specific inserts that suit your unique podiatric needs.

The footwear under the Best Slippers stable are crafted with integrated arch support, either in the insole of the foot bed, or integrated in the outsole of the slipper. These are slippers you will enjoy wearing, whether you’re kicking back to relax at home or taking a stroll to the nearest store. However, as you go through the various slipper designs to choose the best model for your needs, it is advisable that you read through the individual product descriptions carefully, and ask questions where you are uncertain so that you’re able to manage your arch support according to your individual foot requirements.

Indoor-to-Outdoor Versatility

What women look for in a good pair of slippers goes beyond simply looking good. Women want slippers that are also functional, in that they can be worn indoorsoutdoors, on the patio, or even on a quick trip to the store to get some shopping. To have such versatility, the ideal slipper needs to be designed with a weather-proof sole, that has anti-slip profile. This is really important in allowing you to transition from indoors to outdoors safely, over multiple surfaces, and in different seasons.

Best Selection of Women’s Slippers

The Best Slippers women’s collection carries an assortment of slippersclogssandals and mules. Everything you want in the perfect slippers for women is found right here: Stylish designs for chilly weather or for summer heat, hypoallergenic natural materials, warm and comfortable fabrics, integrated arch support and removable insoles, anti-slip and weather-proof soles and easy-to-wear options

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