We believe that. And when we say slippers, we do not mean the cheap synthetics that are swarming the market, made of artificial materials full of chemicals.
We mean the best slippers.

The wrong footwear will not only make your feet sweat, scold you with a hot and burning sensation of discomfort, potentially do harm to the muscles and bones of the foot, it might also lead to even more serious ailments down the road.

So what makes the best slippers, you ask? High quality, natural materials, design, craftsmanship, comfort and foot support. Slippers that will support the natural motion of the foot, slippers that help with foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns or calluses. Slipping into our best slippers will make you’ll feel at home.

Our slipper-experts with more than 30 years of experience in the trade have developed the understanding and expertise to help you select the best products by the best brands from all over Europe. Free shipping, exchanges and returns, 1 year warranty and individual service will make for a five-star experience. Customers may also vote their favorites, add brands for consideration and engage in rewarding activities hosted in our shop and social channels. Favor a brand, maybe from the US or elsewhere that we don’t carry? Let us know. Our mission is to make you happy.