Best Slipper Types

What different types of slippers are there? Discover our guide to each of them below.

Boiled Wool Slippers

Our cuddly warm Boiled Wool Slippers are made from 100% pure new wool. The boiling procedure is very similar to that of felting, except that boiled wool keeps all of its soft & pliable properties in the process.

As an all-natural material derived from wool without any synthetic fibers, it is not only warm, but also breathable & moisture-wicking.

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Wool Felt Slippers

Genuine wool felt gets processed from 100% wool without the addition of artificial fibers, only using warmth, water, friction & a little bit of soap.

Our Wool Felt Slippers are durable & shape-retaining, but also feel pleasantly supple. They are warm & breathable at once, quickly conducting excess heat & humidity to the outside air.

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Sheepskin Slippers

Our incomparably fluffy Sheepskin Slippers have proven themselves as the ultimate in protecting sensitive feet from cold.

With slippers made of naturally grown sheepskin, the material gets processed in its original form. Those models therefore have hard-wearing leather uppers & warm woolen linings that are soft beyond compare.

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Wool Felt Clogs

All of our Wool Felt Clogs categorically come up with the following two characteristics:

  • 100% wool felt: warm, sturdy & breathable
  • Solid rubber soles: fully suitable for outdoor use

The majority also features integrated cork footbeds with strong arch support. Those are anatomically pre-shaped & mold to the contours of your feet over time.

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Slipper Boots

Our ankle-high Slipper Boots made from wool felt or boiled wool are particularly warm & cozy. At the height of winter, they definetly belong to the most reliable companions for feet that are sensitive to cold.

Many of them feature flexible knit cuffs, so you can easily put them on despite the all-around closed shape.

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Leather Sandals

We also carry summery Leather Sandals that are comfortable to wear both indoors & outdoors. This includes sandals with a heel strap, as well as open-heel variations (also known as mules). Those designs in turn can be further divided into sandals with multiple straps above the heel & slide sandals with only one strap, as well as into thong sandals with a toe separator.

The largest part features an anatomical cork footbed, offering the same arch support that is well-known from our typical indoor house slippers.

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